Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Specific Events Rules

We are one month away from the fun so I thought I'd give everyone a heads up on some of the special rules for the weekend.

Day 1 (Friday October 16th):
Pretty straight forward. 2 SR4 events and a Mangled Metal/ Tooth & Claw event. If anyone has any questions about these... let me know.

Day 2 (Saturday, October 17th):
Another normal day, only some slight tweaks. The 1000 point event will have the maximum time limit be 135 + 2d6 minutes. We have had the time limit be 2 hours for the last couple of years and it hasn't been an issue, so this should be no problem. The last event Saturday will be the 350pt Hardcore Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw. This will be just like last year. The army MUST be painted and based. The turn time limit will be 3 minutes and the round length will be 40 minutes.

Day 3 (Sunday, October 18th):
Here is where things get fun...

First we have a Theme Tournament. This event will be judged quite different from a normal event. First the overall winner will be judged by having an army with a good theme (more on that in a moment), do well in the event (win games), and have a painted army.

This event will be 3 rounds only, during these rounds you get points in the following way:
Theme - 50 points possible
Winning – 30 points possible
Painting – 20 points possible

this gives a total of 100 points possible.

The theme will be judged by a group of people (Iron Agenda guys...I'm looking at you..:P), it will be judged on how well the army is built around any theme. ANY theme will be accepted, but armies that exemplify a fluff, fun, or creative list will be the best. For an example, an army built around a Knights Exemplar theme will do better than an Advance Deploy theme.

Playing games will also get points... 10 points for a win, 6 for a draw, 2 for a loss. With this you can get anywhere from 6 to 30 points for this section.

Players will also get to vote on the painting and themes for contribute to the scores for each of the categories.

Finally there is the painting, bring a nicely painted army for a possible 20 points.

Pretty simple.

The other event is the 1:1:1:1 tournament.
This event is a “kill the caster” event where you MUST bring 1 warcaster or warlock, 1 warjack or warbeast, 1 unit and 1 solo...and fit it all into 350 points.

A couple answers to common questions to this event:

Yes, you get any free model that comes with Goreshade CAN use the unit of Bane Thralls, the Old Witch get the Scrap Jack, lesser warlocks (solos) get their beast, etc.

Yes, you may use unit attachments as long as you can fit it in the points.

Tomorrow I will post the specifics on how to win the Weekend Championship.

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