Monday, August 10, 2009

Giant Pre-GenCon Annoucements!

We are but a few scant days away from the party in Indy so to get the party started I give you a new achievement------------------------>

That's right, the achievement that rewards the people who like to give, or a drink that is.

Yes you can still the GenCon achievement by hunting me down and asking for a WARMACHINE Weekend button, but this one is for the special few who like to buy their friends (or tournament organizers) a drink. Enjoys the time you have at the con and play a little game with me. I will have a limited supply of the drink buttons. If you see someone with one and buy them a drink, you get the button (yes, if you have the button, you have to give it up). The buttons will float around the con, if you end up with one and come to the Weekend, you get the achievement.

The other announcemtent?
Pre-Registration has begun!!!

That's right! Just head over the the Meta-Games Online store to purchase your weekend pass.
A couple of quick notes. This year we are having the Weekend hosted at G.A.M.E. the first regional gaming convention that is a benefit for the Springfield Arts Council. At the moment we do not have the option for individual event tickets. We are efforting a way to have those available by the time WARMACHINE Weekend is here. I will keep you informed and we will have them up as soon as possible.


  1. I've Registered and posted the link at the Local Forum.

    Current total from Omaha is 7 with a few fence sitters.


  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see you guys again!

  3. Limited drink badges?!?! I guess you'd have to maintain some sobriety. Glenfidich still the drink of choice?

  4. Glenfiddich is fine, but a few months ago we visited Sam Hazel in STL. His brother is the chef at the Scottish Arms (an amazing restaurant is anyone cares)and he bought us a shot of Macallan 18. HOLY CRAP its awesome, so Matt O and I splurged and bought a bottle for GenCon. I HIGHLY recommend it. My liquor education took a amazing jump with it.