Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Achievement Preview

Above is mock up of what the Achievement buttons will look like. The buttons will be small 1 1/4" buttons so you can pack you shirts/army transport/ whatever with them. Now how you get these buttons is totally on you. You will get one button for each achievement you earn. The total will relate to how many chances you have to will door prizes at the wrap-up of the Weekend. But don't worry, just getting to the Weekend will score you at least one and that means at least one chance to win a prize.

Basically it will break down like this...
One achievement = One Button
One Button = One ticket for a door prize
Five Buttons = Another ticket
Ten Buttons = Another ticket
Fifteen Buttons = Another ticket
...and so on.

So one will get you your first ticket and then you will receive another for every five achievements.

Its going to easy to get the dang things too, so even if you are a sub-par player and just want to come have fun, you will have just as good of a chance to win a prize as other people. This will be a fun distraction to a crazy weekend full of gaming.

As far as the specific achievements go...well...I'm going to publish a full list before the event, but I am still tweaking the specifics. But to give you some examples:
-Medic!(Survive the game with your caster down half their life or more.)
-Why won't they F'ing Die? (Make 3 tough rolls in a role for a single model.)
-Wrench Turner (Field a fully painted army in at least one game of an event)
-You and what army? (Destroy an opposing army until only your opponents' caster is left)
...and there will be MANY more.

Like I said it will be real easy to get these achievements...in fact you can get a few before the Weekend even happens. Take a look at the following list and earn before you get there.
1. Explosivo's First Tournament: I will hand out buttons to the people who make it to Kris Johnson's first official tournament as a Press Ganger. It's at Pulp Fiction Comics in Lee's Summit, MO on August 8th. CLICK HERE for more details.
2. GenCon 2009: Find me at GenCon this year (preferably while I'm not working for PP) on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday and just ask.
3. I'm a Fan!: Become a fan of WARMACHINE Weekend on our Facebook Page
...and there will be a few more (watch the blog for updates).

One more thing...Just to clarify, You have to attend the Weekend to be able to get any prizes. I will be happy to hand out buttons to people who Attend an event I'm at (like GenCon), but I will not register the achievement until you sign up and attend WARMACHINE Weekend. Please no e-mails needing to know if you won a prize just because you own a button. Just attend the event, join in on the fun, and see what happens!

Whew...that's all for now. Please let me know if you have any questions (wmweekend@gmail.com)...time for a nap!

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