Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WMWeekend '09 Achievements!?!

In years past we have had a few different way to give away prizes at Warmachine Weekend. We have had a big raffle, just gave them out like door prizes, given them to winners, etc. This year we are doing something a little different. After reading the rules for the Monsterpocalypse "All You Can Eat" event I thought about how fun it sounded. For those who don't know, you get achievements and then get prizes based on how many achievements get for playing through the course of the day. I also thought about how everyone seems to like the achievement system in World of Warcraft, X-Box Live, and all the rest. So...

This year the "door prizes" will be given out (sort of) based on the number of achievements you get. To be specific, we are going to give raffle tickets based on how many you can get over the course of the weekend. More than likely it will be a system where you will get a ticket for 1, another one at 5, another at 10, and so on. The specific details will be worked out later.

Also to hand out the prizes, we will do the drawing after the events on Sunday morning. This means we will more than likely move a short event to the Sunday morning slot and after do the prizes and crown the Weekend champ. More on scheduling to come...

So spread the word, what I need from everyone for the next couple of weeks is the following:

Send me a list of achievements you think should be on the final list. These can range from normal game condition awards (Win 3 Mosh Pit scenarios) to crazy things (Get off my lawn-Kill an opposing caster in melee with one of the "old' minis like Sevy, Doomshaper, etc.). Send me you ideas at: wmweekend@gmail.com and in a couple of weeks you will see the final list.

Now the fun part. Each achievement will get you a corresponding button to go with it. So by the end of the weekend, some people may have their army transports or t-shirts full of them.

Get some buttons/achievements before October 16th! I will be at some events over the summer where you can pick up a promotional WMWeekend button that corresponds for the event. Bring the button with you to the weekend in October and POW! instant achievement...all for just hunting me out at the event. I will be handing the first ones out at GenCon, so make sure to hunt me down. Also, former WMWeekend champs will get a special button to show off to everyone, I will hopefully have those ready by GenCon as well.

So you have your assignments...get to work!

Also, we are still planning on doing the "win an army" prize to a random person that finishes each event.


  1. Great idea guys! I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

  2. Kevin in the house! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Feat? I thought you said feet! (Win a game without popping your feat.)

    Medic!(Survive the game with your caster down half their life or more.)

    School girl crush.(Use a female caster/solo to kill a male caster/solo.)

    They blinded me with science!(Caster kill by spell.)

    Brothers don't shake hands, brothers hug. (Use a jack/beast to successfully use a arm or headlock.)

    Take two and call me in the morning.(Use a jack/beast to successfully perform a headbutt.)

    The bigger they are...(use a light or lesser jack/beast to destroy/disable a heavy jack/beast.)

    Potatoe(Win a game by VPs. For those who are wondering, Dan Quayle)

    I think this is what pain feels like!(Lose a game. Captain Hammer quote)

    They fly through the air with the greatest of ease.(Throw an opposing caster.)

    So fast you'll freak!(Fastest caster kill for the event.)

    Hello my name is...(Introduce yourself to 10 new people at Warmachine Weekend)

    You and who's army?(Destroy an opposing army till only their caster is left.)

    Surgical Precision(Destroy only the opposing caster, excluding warbeasts killed by transfers.)

    WTH is Grind?!(Bring a Grinder to Warmachine Weekend.)

    Mob Mentality(Play a game with the full FA, full units of Wolves of Orboros, Mechanithralls, Sword Knights, Winter Guard, Blighted Archers, Steelhead Halberdiers, Hammerfall Highshields, Zealots, Praetorians or Kriel Warriors.)

    The Quicker Picker-Upper(Help the store employee's cleanup or set up)

    I'm sure I can conjure more of the good, the bad and the pointless.