Thursday, June 25, 2009

WARMACHINE Weekend 2009 Events!!!

Here is the TENTATIVE list of event coming to Warmachine Weekend this year. Remember that the times may change without notice, but if they do I will let everyone know.

WARMACHINE Weekend 2009
Friday October 16th:
11am - 500pt Mixed Steamroller 4 (SR4)
3pm - 750pt Mixed SR4
7pm - Monsterpocalypse Single Monster tourney
8pm - 350pt Mangel Metal/Tooth & Claw

Saturday October 17th:
9am - 1000pt - Mixed SR4 MAIN EVENT!
9am - 500pt - WARMACHINE SR4
3pm - 500pt - HORDES SR4
8pm(after the 1000pt event) - 350pt Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw HARDCORE

Sunday October 18th:
9am - 750pt - Theme Army Tournament
10am - 350pt - Mixed 1:1:1:1
2pm - Award Ceremony

There will also be Iron Kingdom Roleplaying sessions and Monsterpocalypse events as well. As soon as I confirm from the people running these I'll post the start times for them.

Remember that with every Warmachine and Hordes event you play in(and finish) you will have a chance to win a new army(more info on this coming soon).

I'll be posting the list of acheivments soon as I am still editing them. Suffice to say there should be 50-75 (maybe more) acheivements that will be in place for you to win door prizes at the award ceremony.

As always email me at if you have any questions.

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  1. Carl...

    So were are those achievements!

    Any details on Sunday's events?
    9am - 750pt - Theme Army Tournament
    10am - 350pt - Mixed 1:1:1:1