Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 Event Preview #1

   The ball is rolling on the Weekend's event with the announcement of the WARMACHINE Weekend 2010 Invitational (check this out), so with that covered I thought I would let a few things out of the bag.
   This year we will have more events than ever before. This means that there will be more prizes, more competition and more fun. This year the weekend will be held at hotel in Springfield and that will give us the opportunity to have gaming run from the time we open on Friday morning until the time we close on Sunday afternoon. This will also mean that we will have some fun late night events that challenge the players to not only stay awake, but also to stay alert.
   As a preview...One of the late night events, "Casterjackapalooza" as coined by Kris Johnson, will be the pinnacle of crazy combos. The event will consist of one army list that contains 3 Warcasters (sorry Hordes, maybe next year) and 3 Warjacks. Play continues until one side had lost all 3 casters. The twist to this event (and where the brain cramps start) is that all 3 casters and the jacks are part of ONE battlegroup. I know, I know...this is stupid, the things that people can come up with will be insane. Well...yeah. That's the point. Late night, slaphappy, oneupsmanship. Show us what you can come up with and WOW us with the ultimate combo. Now the exact rules for this event are still being tweaked, but we will have them posted soon enough.
   OK, that should get the creative juices flowing for now. I'll be posting more previews here as the year pulls us increasingly toward the "Weekend". If you have any questions please send them to me at wmweekend@gmail.com...also don't forget to go sign up as fan of WARMACHINE Weekend on Facebook!

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